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paper airplanes CUSTOM denim jacket: unisex
paper airplanes CUSTOM denim jacket: unisex
paper airplanes CUSTOM denim jacket: unisex
paper airplanes CUSTOM denim jacket: unisex
paper airplanes CUSTOM denim jacket: unisex

paper airplanes CUSTOM denim jacket: unisex

Regular price $65.00

This classic wardrobe essential captures the whimsy of childhood with a handpainted paper airplane looping through the air. The jacket can be personalized with your child's name on the upper back panel. The insides of the cuffs also have some handpainted swirling paper airplane accents. A popped collar reveals the phrase ' Be The Change You Wish To See' , handpainted in a simple modern hand writing.

*Please note, the the toddler girls jackets are a medium wash denim, as seen in pictures. The boys jackets are more of a dark wash.

Each jacket is handpainted and made to order, so please allow approximately 1 week for shipping, then delivery. *Please contact us before purchase if you are worried about your timeline and we'd be happy to work with you! Since they are hand painted, no two jackets will be exactly alike. In the Notes section at checkout, please indicate the name or initials you would like on the back of the jacket. Also indicate if you would like a boys or a girls jacket.

For longest life, spot clean only, but if a full wash is required, cold water on gentle cycle and low dry is recommended.

*For other customization ( modification of phrase on the collar, etc), please visit us at and message us!

Toddler sizing 

- 2T: height 34.5 - 36.5", weight 29-31 lb

- 3T: height 36.5 - 38.5", weight 31-34 lb

- 4T: height 38.5 - 41.5", weight 34-38 lb

- 5T: height 41.5 - 43.5", weight 38-42 lb


- XS: size 4-5; height 40-45", weight 34-43 lbs, chest 23-24, waist 19.5-22, hip 23-24

- S: size 6; height 45-49", weight 39-46 lb, chest 21.5-26, waist 20.25-23, hip 21.5-26

- M: size 7-8; height 49 - 54", weight 53-69.5 lb

- L: size 10-12; height 53 - 58", weight 60-106 lb, chest 26-32, waist 23-30.5, hip 26-34

- XL: size 14-16; height 59 - 63", weight 81-128 lb, chest 29-35, waist 25-34, hip 30-37.5

Boys sizing

- XS: size 4; height 38-41", weight 35-39 lbs, chest 21-22, waist 21.5-22

- S: size 5-6; height 41-46.5", weight 39-50 lb, chest 22-24, waist 22-23

- M: size 7-8; height 46.5-52", weight 50-68 lb, chest 24-25.6, waist 23-24.5

- L: size 10-12; height 52-58.5", weight 68-100 lb, chest 26.5-28.5, waist 24.5-26.5

- XL: size 14; height 58.5-61.5", weight 100-110 lb, chest 28.5-30.5, waist 26.5-28