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what should i try to buy organic?

I never really thought much about what I should be buying organic...until I got pregnant and had my babies.  Now I think about it all the time, which is one of the more tangible pieces of evidence I have that I might actually be a grown up.  Once when I was pregnant and had just … Continue reading "what should i try to buy organic?"

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baby food making: tips!

There were two things that I struggled with the most when I was making the girls’ baby food. The first was finding my groove in regards to making the time to make food at all – and the second was coming up with fresh ideas/recipes to make so that they had a good variety of … Continue reading "baby food making: tips!"

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baby food making: essentials!

March is National Nutrition Month, which seems as good a time as any to kick off our blog series on making your own baby food and starting your littles out with their best fork forward. I will preface this by saying that I am by no means a nutritionist or a chef, but I do … Continue reading "baby food making: essentials!"

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FREE downloadable grownup valentines for ALL the mother fathers ;)

Sooooo Valentines Day.  Honestly - it's not even my favorite fake holiday (THAT would be a tie between Treat YO SELF Day and National Taco Day, for the record).  This is the first year that our kids have had to hand out Valentines to friends, and I really wanted to make some super cute and clever … Continue reading "valentines for ALL the mother fathers ;)"

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(staying the f in…) big kid beds! part 2

This week I'll be talking about how we got the girls to actually transition into sleeping in these awesome teepee big kid beds.  One of the most interesting things about parenting twins is the fact that even though they (in our case) look exactly alike - their personalities are entirely different.  I think I expected that and I … Continue reading "(staying the f in…) big kid beds! part 2"

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