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easy downloadable thank you cards for kids

Growing up, my mother ALWAYS made us send thank you's for gifts, from birthdays to first communions to christmas - if there was a gift involved, we were acknowledging it by snail mail.  I always appreciated that she let us design our own too - I know I have sent out some real special creations over the years.  I never really minded writing thank you's though and as an adult I've come to appreciate them all the more.  I LOVE selecting the perfect gift for someone and when I get a thank you card in the mail, I know that that sentiment is appreciated and it makes me feel good, all warm and fuzzy on the inside, you know?  So, I will definitely be carrying on that tradition with my own kids, but since they are only 2, it's kind of an in between stage since they certainly can't write their own thank you's yet.  But what they can do is color and paint - and they are all about that life.  Since they are such prolific artists, I've been incorporating small pieces of their artwork into thank you cards, which I've been writing out (for now) because there's nothing better than knowing that a kid loved what you got them, I think  To streamline the process a little bit more after a hectic holiday season, this year I created these printable Thank You postcards.  The kids decorate them as they please, I cut them apart and write a nice little note of thanks, pop it in an A2 envelope, and send it off to make someone smile  So if you are interested, you can download them below and make someone's day!


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