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build-your-own Star Wars ships

Today, on the opening day of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I thought I'd take you back for a little #FBF to last year's epic Star Wars return.  We love Star Wars in this house - Jon and I grew up with it and so obviously last year we waited with bated breath for Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  It certainly didn't disappoint and one of the many things that we loved about it was the smart and empowered female lead.  Rey definitely is a character we can get behind the girls wanting to emulate, so Jon decided to start them off as Star Wars fans on the right foot and build them their very own TIE fighter and X-Wing Starfighter.  The pictures pretty much say it all, but as you can see, Jon is amazing at building mini things for the kids.  You'll see a lot more of that in the new year, and I've even talked him into guest blogging a little more about how he does what he does.  For this first project, the supplies were pretty simple (they're outlined with the pictures below) and really anyone with Amazon Prime could make these no problem

For the TIE Fighter, he used several cardboard boxes, Duct Tape, some craft foam, a little parachute cord (to connect the wings), and a Sharpie.

For the X-wing Starfighter, he again used several cardboard boxes (and craft rolls that I had leftover from some projects), some craft foam, reflective tape (for a little extra flair), Sharpies, and half of an old plastic Easter egg for the droid socket.


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