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feeding guide: the first year


One of the things that I found the most daunting in switching my babies to solid foods, was determining how much I should be feeding them so they were getting enough nutrients to grow up with a healthy metabolism as well as a broad palette and appreciation and joy of eating good food.  I think underfeeding or overfeeding their child is a fear of most of us mothers have experienced during this transitional time.  A good friend, who is also a mother of twins and understood how overwhelmed I felt at the time, sent me a chart created by Stanford and Philadephia Children’s Hospital, that was incredibly helpful. So I took that information and distilled it down into a pretty visual guide so it's easier to understand on the go...and more fun to look at This is the last segment of our March National Nutrition Month blog series on making first foods for your babies and I hope you've enjoyed it.  You can download the individual jpgs below!  Feel free to pass them to moms you think might appreciate them, and if you repost, please just remember to credit us/link to us!

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